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Learned Hand

There is no surer way to misread an…

3 Jul , 2015  

There is no surer way to misread any document than to read it literally. As nearly as we can, we must put ourselves in the place of those who uttered the words, and try to divine how they would have dealt with the unforeseen situation; and, evidence of what they would have done, they are […]

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Berkeley Vax/Unix Assembler Reference Manual (1983)

This document describes the usage a…

17 Dec , 2013  

This document describes the usage and input syntax of the Unix Vax-11 assembler As. As is designed for assembling code produced by the “C” compiler; certain concessions have been made to handle code written directly by people, but in general little sympathy has been extended. Great short quote and quotation by: Berkeley Vax/Unix Assembler Reference […]

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